The Blackberry, also referred to as the Evergreen blackberry is a bright, glossy blackberry that is plump and rounded in shape. The sun-warmed juicy blackberry is excellent for homemade berry pies. There are only a handful of areas in the world where caneberries thrive and Oregon’s Willamette Valley offers the most flavorable blackberries around. The berry’s taste is distinctively sharp and has a mildly tart and lasting flavor. Blackberries are well-suited for home canning, freezing, as well as pies, ice cream flavorings, jams, and jellies.
Picking Blackberries: Pick berries that are black in color, with no tinge of red. Carefully twist the berry from the attached stem. If the blackberry does not fall off with the twist of the stem, do not try to tug on it as this is a sign that the berry is not fully ripe. If the berries are not eaten immediately, refrigerate as soon as possible.

Nothing says summer like fresh locally grown berries!!

Oregon Blackberry Pie!!