Boones Ferry Berry Farm BlueberriesThe Blueberry is a small, tasty edible berry located on a blueberry bush.  When ripened the blueberry is dark blue in color and has a sweet, distinctive taste.  The great flavor and splash of color is great as a garnish for any dish and is also used as the prime ingredient in many desserts and fruit dishes.   Blueberries can be added to fruit salads, eaten with yogurt, sprinkled into cereals, and baked into pies.  Some people like to make blueberry preserves, while others press berries for their tart juice.  Blueberries are great to have right out of the hand as a healthy snack.

Picking Blueberries: Pick berries that are completely blue, with no tinge of red.  The natural shimmery silver coating you see on blueberries is desirable as this is a natural protective shield.  Avoid soft, watery, or moldy blueberries.

Boones Ferry Berry Farms BlueberriesKeep blueberries refrigerated, unwashed, in a rigid container covered with clear wrap.  They should last up to two weeks if they are freshly-picked.  Water on fresh blueberries hastens deterioration, so do not wash before refrigerating.

Blueberries are excellent for freezing.  After thawing, they are only slightly less bright and juicy as in their original harvest state.  Do not wash them before freezing as the water will cause the skins to become tough.  Rinse after thawing and before eating.

Nothing says summer like fresh locally grown berries!!