Boones Ferry Berry Farms StrawberriesWe offer a variety of strawberries for your eating delight.  Come in to sample the strawberries which differ in shape, color, and taste.  Typically, the larger the berry, the more water it contains and the smaller the berry, the greater the intensity of flavor.  For the most local of treats, nothing beats the flavor of strawberries picked fresh from the stem.

Our Albion strawberries produce moderate amounts consistently throughout the season.  Albions have darker fruit color, both internally and externally, and a consistently sweeter flavor than most strawberries.  The fruit is firm and is just as beautiful inside as the attractive external fruit color.  This variety of strawberry has shown great promise and is bursting with sweetness.

Our Hood Strawberry is the berry that all strawberries aspire to be.  Their flavor is so intensely sweet and luscious it will cause you to wonder why you ever wasted your taste buds on those rubbery, bland strawberries from elsewhere.  There is nothing like the flavor of our local Hood Strawberries so image your delight when you take a bite of this extremely delicious mouth-watering strawberry.

Boones Ferry Berry Farms StrawberriesOur Totem Strawberries produce a relatively firm, quite large fruit which has a consistent, intense medium to dark red internal and external color.  The totem strawberry is a main-season fruit with a long shape and decent flavor.  Their best quality, however, is that they can be frozen and defrosted months later, pretty much keeping their shape and firm flesh.  For this reason, they are great for making really fancy looking pies.

Picking Strawberries: Select bright red berries with their caps intact.  Smaller berries are usually more sweet and flavorful.  Avoid soft, moldy and/or shriveled berries.